Getting to Know Mother Nurture Baby Food

Getting to Know Mother Nurture Baby Food

Nadia Sunesra, one of Mother Nurture's founders, has a funny story about 'mothers and the eternal quest for perfect baby food. Twenty years after her first two children were born, she was blessed with a third, beautiful angel. The little girl was a blessing for Nadia, not just as a parent but also because she steered her into her new entrepreneurial venture and this is how Mother Nurture was born.

Why choose our products?
We choose the best fresh fruit and vegetables, sourced locally and from around the world. Cooked in small batches to retain the goodness, our baby food is healthy and perfect for your growing baby. Food just like your mum made for you, from our family to yours. This we believe is #FoodOfTheEarth.

Original recipes that come from our cozy home to yours!
These recipes were created in our home kitchen and were tasted and approved by our baby. These are familiar yet exciting flavours using fruit, vegetables, grains and spices that you will find in every Indian home. We know how particular babies can be with their likes and dislikes so this is the most up-to-date, stage-wise nutrition offered on the Indian market. Our baby food is 100% natural and made from high quality ingredients which will encourage healthy eating habits for your baby. If our taste test results are anything to go by, feeding your baby is about to change. Mother Nurture brings this evolution to loving homes around India and beyond.

Our Ingredients
Mother Nurture sources our fruit, vegetables and hearty grains from local and international sources. Nutrition for infants is a big deal so we offer you perfectly balanced baby foods which can make your busy life simpler. The wholesomeness of Mother Nurture is about healthy food that leads to happy babies and parents!

Our Standards
We are committed to offering nutritious, high quality baby foods which are made with excellence. Be assured that every pack we produce exceeds the standards required by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, FSSAI. Our quality control is exemplary for we know that when it comes to your little one, only excellence will do.formation about your brand with your customers. Describe a product, make announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

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