How to prevent tooth decay in your baby

How to prevent tooth decay in your baby

Tooth decay in your baby is probably one of the most common situation that parents have to face. The root cause of this problem is that most parents do not realize that regular dentist visits are just as equally important for toddlers like they are for adults. Most parents consider cavities merely as discoloration of teeth in babies. These cavities can cause painful infections around the teeth and hence it’s crucial to prevent or treat them at the right time.

We at Mother Nurture, have listed down a few crucial tips that can help in preventing tooth decay in kids. Read below to know more:

  • Remember to wipe your little one’s gums with a clean cloth after each feeding. This is important in order to avoid any gum or teeth infection in your baby. Also remember to massage gums in those areas that do not have any teeth.
  • When your baby gets his or her first teeth start brushing it without any toothpaste. Avoid using any toothpaste and in case if you wish to use any use a fluoride-free paste. We recommend you first consult your baby’s dentist or pediatrician about the same. Flossing your baby’s teeth needs to be avoided till the time he or she has got all their teeth.
  • Regular visits as a follow-up with your dentist needs to done. This is vital in order to avoid any decaying of teeth or cavities. You can also ask your dentist to apply special sealant coatings on your little one’s teeth in order to prevent the teeth decay.
  • Remember to not fill your baby’s water bottles with cold-drinks or sugar water as they can cause tooth decay. Also these drinks do not comprise of any nutritional values and hence are not recommended.
  • When putting your child to sleep make sure he or she does not fall asleep with a bottle that comprises of anything but water. Also avoid giving your little one a pacifier that is dipped in sugar water or cold-drinks.
  • When it comes to your baby’s diet make sure that you restrict the limit of sugar in the meals and other snacks. We hope these tips will help you preventing tooth decay in your baby.

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(Note: Mother Nurture only provides recommendations based on best practice that a parent should follow. These recommendations should always be discussed with your doctor or pediatrician. It is always best to follow your doctors/pediatrician orders. Please contact your doctor or emergency services, in case of emergency or if your child is unwell or not responding well to recommendations provided.)

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