How to improve a baby’s immune system

How to improve a baby’s immune system

Protecting your little one from the different types of germs and viruses & improving their immune system is always a top most concern for all parents. Small babies and toddlers generally tend fall sick more often, and pick up a cold about 8 to 9 times in a year.

To ensure that your little one has a strong immune system there are numerous factors that you need to keep in mind. Some of them are following a healthy diet, giving timely vaccines & other supplements etc. We at Mother Nurture have listed down some simple yet effective techniques that can help in improving your baby’s immune system & help them fight off illnesses. Read below to know more:

Include more fruits & vegetables in their diet: To help improve your child’s immune system include immunity boosting phytonutrients like vitamin C in their everyday diet. Carrots, strawberries and green beans are some examples of nutritious foods that you can benifit your baby. These foods comprise of phytonutrients that can help in fighting infections by increasing production of white blood cells. Try to serve your child at least 2-3 servings of these fruits & vegetables a day.

Ensure they get enough sleep: Sleep deprivation especially in young children can make them more susceptible to illness. For this reason it is extremely important to ensure that your child gets enough sleep. A new-born baby needs up to 17 hours of sleep every day. On the other hand, if you have a toddler make sure he or she gets at least 12-13 hours of sound sleep every day. If you little one doesn’t take any naps during the day, try to put them to bed a little early during the night.

Protect them against harmful germs: While protecting your little one from harmful germs may not boost their immune system, it is definitely a great way to decrease stress on your little one’s immune system. Small but crucial steps like cleaning theirs hands often with a good germ-fighting soap, making sure they are playing in a hygienic play area or when outside, carrying disposable wipes, cleaning diapers on a timely basis & washing their clothes separately can help in fighting germs.

Breast feed your baby: Make sure that your new-born is breast fed well. This is because breast milk comprises of properties like immunity-enhancing antibodies and white blood cells which can prove extremely beneficial to guard your little one from harmful infections & allergies and other diseases.

(Note: Mother Nurture only provides recommendations based on best practice that a parent should follow. These recommendations should always be discussed with your doctor or pediatrician. It is always best to follow your doctors/pediatrician orders. Please contact your doctor or emergency services, in case of emergency or if your child is unwell or not responding well to recommendations provided.)

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