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Miss Berry - 100gm

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Real Food -- NOT processed!

Mother Nurture products are GMO Free and do not contain any added preservatives, colours or sugar. You can rest assured that they are as healthy as the foods that you would personally prepare at home for Baby -- but without all the fuss and trouble of doing so!

Easy Meal Planning.

Knowing that many varieties of Mother Nurture are easily available gives you the freedom to plan ahead. You can be sure that Baby will love the delicious flavours - Apple, Mango, Banana and many more. Even while traveling, our products gives you unmatched convenience and freedom, as you know that delicious and nutritious meals for Baby are right there along with you.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that your precious darling will love these meals, that we have a “100% Money Back Guarantee”. In the unlikely event that Baby doesn't like the flavour, or if you are dissatisfied for any reason, just let us know! Just contact our customer service for full details, and you can rest assured that we will give you Full Satisfaction.

Introducing "Miss Berry" by Mother Nurture — a delightful baby food puree that combines the goodness of ripe strawberries and crisp apples in perfect harmony. Specially crafted for your little one, this delectable puree is a celebration of natural sweetness and nourishment.

Miss Berry is more than just a baby food; it's a symphony of flavours that will captivate your baby's taste buds. The succulent strawberries bring a burst of freshness, while the wholesome apples add a delightful crispness to every spoonful. Together, they create a delicious medley that promises a sensory journey for your baby.

Our commitment to quality shines through in every cup of Miss Berry. Free from artificial additives and sugars, it's a puree that aligns with the highest standards of nutrition. At Mother Nurture, we understand the importance of providing your little one with the very best, and Miss Berry reflects our dedication to delivering a premium, natural experience.

Treat your baby to the enchanting world of flavours with Miss Berry — a Mother Nurture creation that not only nurtures but also delights, making mealtime a moment of joy for both you and your little one.
    Directions for Use & Storage

    Directions for use: Mix well before serving. If your child likes it warm, put the unopened cup in warm water. Always check the temperature before feeding the child.

    Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and do not use if the packing is damaged or swollen. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 24 hours.

    Customer Reviews

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    Mounika Vengala
    Very natural

    All the flavours are too good .my baby girl is enjoying these purées without any rejection.tastes very fresh. Packing is too good,without any leakage.
    Definitely everyone can try these purees without any hesitation.


    Gluten Free

    No Added Flavours / Colours

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    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    100% Refund, No Questions Asked!

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    All Over India

    About this item

    Building Healthy Habits

    Different choices and flavours of Mother Nurture at different meals will give Baby variety and she will become accustomed to accepting different food. She will grow up to enjoy different flavours and textures -- essential for healthy growth.

    Contains No Added Sugar, Preservatives & GMO Free

    You can be assured that the baby food is as pure and sweet as it would be in nature, as we never add any sugar to any of our recipes. This is how mothers would make food at home for their baby. These baby foods contain No preservatives, and No added colours or flavourings. All our products are manufactured on state-of-the art equipment, which is completely sterile and employs the latest technology, to ensure that the baby food is absolutely pure.

    Parent tasted; baby approved! 

    As Parents ourselves, we at Mother Nurture  have tested and tasted every one of our products to make sure we offer only the best in taste, texture and quality. We know how your little one can be fussy and can reject new flavours and tastes. The food we give our baby has to be delicious in taste, along with being pure and nutritious. When something tastes so wonderful no baby will refuse it!!

    Worth the Price!!

    Mother Nurture may cost just that little bit more than some other brands -- but isn't it worth it when you are 100% assured of nutritious, delicious and completely natural food for your precious little one?

    Pick up a pack of Mother Nurture TODAY and see for yourself!!

    Travel Friendly

    Our packs are travel friendly and perfect to provide healthy and nutritious meals for your child, without all the fussy or carrying cooking utensils, just heat and serve.